We treat your bicycle as if it’s our own.

At Bikefix, we know that leaving your bike at an unfamiliar shop can be like leaving your firstborn at day care for the first time. Your bike will never lean on another bike while at our shop. It goes from your hands to secure storage before being tuned and gently washed and then back into your hands, to be ridden like you stole it!
Bikefix, services and repairs all types of bicycles. Our bicycle repair staff are some of the best trained and certified folks in the business. Whether you need, a flat tire repaired or a complete overhaul, we are eager to help. We offer a few different grades of bike tuning packages listed below.
We’re always happy to explain what we’ve done to tune or repair your bicycle and give you useful maintenance tips that you can do at home. Stop by bikefix for expert service to keep you on the road or trail!
We also understand that bringing your bike in for service can be a hassle. It’s time consuming and many folks don’t have a car with a bike rack to haul their bike. No worries, We will pick up and deliver bikes in our local area for a nominal charge and in many cases, no charge. Just let us know, and we will make every effort possible to take care of you.


Assemble Bicycle From Box: $65-140
Assemble Bicycle From Frame: $180-260
Includes: Headset/Bottom Bracket Facing, Bottom Bracket Thread Chase
Reassemble Department Store Bicycle: $110-150

Install New Brake/Lever: $20
Adjust Caliper: $15
Replace Disc Pads: $15
Replace Brake Cable/Housing: $15
Align Brake Rotor: $15
Install New Brake Rotor: $15
Face Disc Brake Tabs: $35

Adjust Hub: $15
Overhaul Open Bearing Hub: $20
Overhaul Sealed Bearing Hub: $25-30
Overhaul Coaster Brake Hub: $45
Replace Broken Axle: $30
Replace Free Hub Body: $25
Overhaul Free Hub Body: $30

Install New Derailleur: $25
Install New Shifter: $35
Align Rear Derailleur Hanger: $20
Install New Front/Rear Derailleur Hanger: $20
Adjust Derailleur: $15
Install New Shift Cable/Housing: $20 (Add $10 For Internal Routing)
Adjust Internally Geared Hub Shifting: $20
Chase Rear Derailleur Hanger Threads: $20

Clean Drivetrain: $45 – $60 (Ultrasonic)
Clean Chain: $20
Clean Cassette/Freewheel: $15
Clean Chainrings: $18

Disassemble Mountain/Road Bicycle Down To Frame: $80
Disassemble BMX/Single Speed Bicycle Down To Frame: $40
Ream/Mill Seat Tube: $25
Ream/Mill Cantilever Bosses: $20
Install New Fork: $40 – $60
Install Crown Race/Star Nut (Fork Off Bicycle): $15
Remove Crown Race: $15
Chase Threads On Steerer Tube: $25
Cut Steerer Tube (Fork Off Bicycle): $15
Straighten Rigid Steel Fork (Fork Off Bicyle): $25 – $35
Remove Stuck Seat Post: $30 +
Install Frame Saver For Rear Derailleur Hanger: $30

Computer Installation: $15 – $25
GPS, Computer Installation: $30
Rear Rack/Child Seat Installation: $25
Instant Tandem Installation: $15
Trailer Installation: $15
Bar End Installation: $10
Fender Installation: $25-35
Kickstand Installation: $10
Training Wheel Installation: $20
Light Installation: $10
Remove Training Wheels: $10

Install New Brake/Cut Brake Hose To Length: $30
Bleed Disc Brake Flat Rate: $35
Replace Disc Pads: $15
Overhaul Master Cylinder: ADD $15
Overhaul Brake Caliper: ADD $15
Replace Brake Hose: ADD $10
Refit Brake Hose: $25
Align Brake Rotor: $15
Install New Brake Rotor: $15
Face Disc Brake Tabs: $35
Install Floating Brake System: $40

Install New Brake/Lever: $20
Adjust Caliper/U-Brake: $15
Replace Brake Pads: $15
Replace Brake Cable/Housing: $20
Overhaul Brake Caliper: $25
Install In-Line Brake Levers: $35
Install Gyro System: $40

Adjust Ball/Cup Bottom Bracket: $15
Install New Threaded Bottom Bracket: $35
Install Press-fit/USA Bottom Bracket: $45
Replace Bearings In X-Type Bottom Bracket: $35
Face Bottom Bracket Shell: $40
Chase Bottom Bracket Threads: $45

Install New Chain: $20
Refit Chain: $15
Tension Chain: $10

Adjust Headset: $10
Overhaul Headset: $25 – $35
Install Crown Race: $12
Install New Headset:$35 – $50
Face Head Tube: $30
Remove Headset Cups: $15

Complete Overhaul Of Rear Shock: $120-220 + Shipping (If Applicable)
Air Sleeve Service On Fox/Rock Shox Rear Shock: $75
Rear Shock DU Bushing/Reducer Replacement: $35
Rear Suspension Pivot Complete Overhaul: $80-120
Rear Suspension Pivot Individual Overhaul: $25-45
Install New Rear Shock: $35

Install New Brake/Lever: $20
Adjust Cantilever/V-Brake: $15
Replace Brake Pads: $15
Replace Brake Cable/Housing: $14
Install In-line Brake Levers: $30

Repair Flat Tire: $14
Install New Tire/Tube: $14
Install New Wheel: $20 front. $30 Rear
Install Tubular Tire: $60
Install Tubeless System: $20 (Add $10 for clean)
Install Sealant: $10
True Wheel: $20-35
Tension/True/Dish Wheel: $25-35
Build new wheel: $55 – $75

Install New MTB/Road Crankset: $35
Install New BMX/Cruiser Crankset: $35-45
Install One-Piece Crankset: $35
Remove Crankset: $10-15
Install/Replace Chain Rings: $20
Remove/Install New Pedals: $10
Chase Pedal Threads: $15
Repair Pedal Threads: $30
Install Chainguide (Single Ring): $40
Install Chainguide (Dual Ring): $50

Install New Cassette/Freewheel: $20
Remove Cassette/Freewheel: $15
Overhaul Cassette Driver: $20

Install New Handlebar (No Tape): $20
Install New Grips: $10
Tape Handlebar: $20 – $25
Install New Stem: $15 – $25
Install New Saddle: $10
Install New Seatpost: $10 – $30 (Dropper seatpost)
Install Aero Bar: $20 – $40 (Internal routing)
Full Riser Bar Conversion (Handlebar Install, Stem Install, ALL CABLE/HOUSING For Brakes/Shifters): $80 – $140

Complete Suspension Fork Lower Service, Includes Changing Damper Oil For Open Bath (Fox/Rock Shox): $180
Complete Suspension Fork Overhaul (Lower, Damper On Closed Cartridge Forks, Seals): $180 – $250 (Left Ocho $300)

Certificate & Training

Certified by the United Bicycle Institute of Oregon – The oldest and most renowned institution in the concept of the leading edge of mechanics, frame building, shop operations, maintenance and improvements in the area of bicycle mechanics.


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